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Here is your one stop shop for original seasonings and rubs for Bar-B-Que "so good you'll go crazy for more."

Why Choose Us?

At Psycho Pig BBQ our seasonings and rubs are created in our kitchen and tested on our smoker and grill before they are offered to you. Each of our products are made in small batches with flavorful blends that will change the way you eat Bar-B-Que. We invite you to step into the crazy world of smoke, grills, and delicious flavors by trying a Psycho Pig BBQ seasoning or rub.

About Us

This all started as a fun and friendly competition between Scott, a redneck with a passion for great food, and Dave, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, who tried to out cook each other at every turn. As luck would have it they found a common ground in their zest for great flavors. As others were pulled in to be "judges" for these "competitions" these two Bar-B-Que gurus were asked if their rubs were available for sale and Psycho Pig BBQ was born. We are a home-based small business that operates under the Colorado Cottage Food Law. All of the products that we sell are original recipes that have been tried and tested in our own kitchens and back yards. We think you will enjoy our seasoning and rubs as much as we do. They are "so good you'll go crazy for more."


Psycho Pig BBQ seasoning and rubs are available here and in person at events listed on our Facebook page. Products are always available to purchase in person from our home, to schedule a time please contact us by e-mail.

Grand Junction, Colorado

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